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By wolfgang

New Sony FS7 Package

On 06, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By wolfgang

Just picked up the Sony FS7 Camcorder. It’s looking great with Rockinon Cine DS prime lenses. A Shape shoulder mount makes it nice to work with handheld. Using a Video Devices Pix E5 recorder to record 4K ProRes so I don’t have to transcode for editing. Can also record with the Sony XQD cards at the same time if needed for slo-mo or just for redundancy. Loving the Pix recorder! I’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera and finally decided to go back to Sony. Still hanging on to the Panasonic P2 camera for ENG style shoots but this new camera is going to be the primary package now. So far I have three prime lenses and the metabones Canon EF – Sony NEX adapter.

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