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Featured Projects

On 05, Jun 2014 | In | By Matt

Demo Reel

Here is a short demo of some of my work.

Network TV Series

On 04, Jun 2014 | In | By Matt

Network TV Series

Modern Marvels, History Channel, Most Dangerous, The States. Panasonic Varicam, HDX 900, Sony Cine Alta cameras and assorted other camera packages. Owner/Operator of a Panasonic P2 HPX300 package with lights, audio, monitor.

Sports Photographer Sports Photographer

On 03, Jun 2014 | In | By Matt

Sports Photographer

Video production for The NFL, MLS, MLB, NHL and even the NBA. ENG for the NHL All Star Game and Stanley Cup in Vancouver, BC. Also covered the Molson Indy Race Vancouver Canucks, and BC Lions. ENG for the World Cup Downhill event at Whistler, BC as well as a Ski Series based in Vancouver.  Here in Seattle, I have worked with all the pro teams and covered the MLB All Star Game at Safeco for MLB International, Hydro Races, Pro Bull Riders, Drag Racing. College Track, Swimming, Vollyball, the list goes on and on. Hard Cameras for Baseball, Football, Basketball.

I worked as the Sports Photographer for KSTW for two years and then at KIRO part time freelance with Sports and NEWS Covering all the local teams and events.

Most recently, hard camera for the Seahawks season leading up to the Superbowl Win, ENG camera for the Houston Broadcast of the Astros vs Mariners on Comcast Sports Net, Houston, TX and a bunch of Pac 12 Network games for the new  college network.

Local Television Stations

KVOS, KOMO, KSTW, KIRO, KING are all Northwest Stations that I have worked with. I started as a production assistant and field audio tech up at KVOS in Bellingham Washington. It was a great place to start in Video Production. They actually produced more local TV there than anyone knows. It was a mainly a Vancouver BC station and we spent two or three days a week in the Vancouver area doing several programs.

KSTW was my first real NEWS experience. I was the Helicopter Photographer, Sports Photographer, and video editor.

KIRO was freelance NEWS Photo/Editor

KOMO freelance production photographer

KING I Shot, edited, and post produced the weekly show Gardening with Ciscoe. I Also shot and edited for Evening Magazine and Northwest Backroads. Worked with the promotions and production department on some community relations video and Healthlink Promo/commercials.

Multi Media and Post Production

Multi Media and Post Production

Throughout my career as a Videographer/Editor I have always had one foot in the computer graphics and animation world. The first system was an Amiga Video Toaster followed by a series of Macs and various Non linear editing systems including Media 100, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, as well as Photoshop, After Effects, Motion and many others.

Currently I am working on a series of eBook titles to be released for the iPad. I am writing the code and doing the art.