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Local Television Stations

KVOS, KOMO, KSTW, KIRO, KING are all Northwest Stations that I have worked with. I started as a production assistant and field audio tech up at KVOS in Bellingham Washington. It was a great place to start in Video Production. They actually produced more local TV there than anyone knows. It was a mainly a Vancouver BC station and we spent two or three days a week in the Vancouver area doing several programs.

KSTW was my first real NEWS experience. I was the Helicopter Photographer, Sports Photographer, and video editor.

KIRO was freelance NEWS Photo/Editor

KOMO freelance production photographer

KING I Shot, edited, and post produced the weekly show Gardening with Ciscoe. I Also shot and edited for Evening Magazine and Northwest Backroads. Worked with the promotions and production department on some community relations video and Healthlink Promo/commercials.